Limesdr-USB under windows 10 with USB3 instable

I recently bought a Limesdr-usb. I did the needed install of usb driver. But already from first runs of sdrconsole I noticed that very frequent the application hangs. I did the upgrade of de FX and the FPGA (both automatic and manual) but no stable product. When I connect the Limesdr-usb to an USB 2.0 port the product looks more stable.
I noticed that the driver of the usb - cyusb3.sys has version is very old (2017) .
Could this be the reason ? Or something else on my PC ?
My pc is a AMD processor (TR 1950X - 32 core), graphic card = nvidia 1080ti, 64 GB memory, water cooling).
It runs Windows 10 with build 19041.208 and has all the updates installed.
Recommended firmwares ?
Why is there not a more stable driver for windows ?
Will it be more stable if I run (on an old laptop) ubuntu ?

Odd that it would be more stable when connected via USB 2.0, since the LimeSDR USB really does need a USB 3.0 port for sufficient power and a common cause of instability is power brown-outs. I still wonder if this might be an issue, since the vast majority of times it is.

Are you plugging the board in direct or via a cable? If the latter, please try plugging in direct. The other possibility is a problematic USB 3.0 host chipset on the motherboard. We have seen this a number of times before and if you search the forums you should find details of which ones.