LimeSDR USB Ubuntu 16.04

Hello I am new to limesdr and it’s kinda of confusing to me. I was able to install all the drivers of limesdr. But when I run it on gnuradio it starts working but the gui window does not fix itself. I also have one of the lights blinking. I checked the lights and one is fx3 and fpga. Leds1. Some help is aprecciate it.

Can I also get some help on how to set this up into 16.04 I don’t want to loose all the other projects to get 18.10 Ubuntu thank you.

Is that a normal limesdr operation?

Hello I just got a LimeSDR as a gift totally new to this particular transceiver.

When I transmit or receive leds1 is blinking green and leds2 is one green one red! Is this a normal operation?