LimeSDR-USB TX problems

I use 1275 MHz.

Will run the test this weekend and post the results back here. I’ll make sure not to reset the device.

Hi @Zack,

I’m running it on a remote headless server. I managed to get the LimeSuite GUI working, but the FFTviewer does not work as it requires OpenGL 2.0 and I can’t get that to work over SSH. I’ll try to get it to build on my local machine, but I can’t promise anything.

Here is the configuration file:


Hi @TehWan
This configuration file looks strange. Rx is powered off hence not sure how do you receive your data. TxTSP is disabled as well hence not sure what do you expect at RF output.

Ah, I forgot to remove the calls to LME_EnableChannel() to disable the channels. Sorry, here’s one without any teardown other than closing the streams:

Hi @TehWan just wanted to check and see if you were able to resolve this issue? I am experiencing something very similar; was your issue officially with the Hardware? Thanks!

Nope, I just gave up and threw out the defective device. The issue was most definitely hardware related as using the same software with a different device (same model) works flawlessly.