LimeSDR-USB power draw

So, I am trying to prove, or disprove the true need for an external power supply on a LimeSDR USB.
Using SDR-Console, with 40 Mhz/24 receivers & a quality USB3.0 hub (Measured able to provide a solid 2 amps) & am only drawing 724ma.
What I would like, is a script to max out the unit on amperage draw to see what the max draw will be.
I jumped out the (NF) R167 for bypassing my popped IC25 power switch.
So, I am using Win10 Pro, but will do a Linux OS if needed to test this.
Testing will be on a Dell 5500 2-Xeon 4 core 3.2MHz with 72 GB Ram & a GTX 960 video card.

Please see what you can find to help me find the max amp draw on this unit.

Thank you,

Presumably you would need to run full capacity 2x2 MIMO, i.e. 2x receive plus 2x transmit channels at max throughput. Not sure if we have a test program for this as such, but @IgnasJ should know.

Excellent. I am not at all a coder. If there is something that may utilize most of the current, I would like to give it a try.
Thank you,