LImeSDR-USB: initialization for GQRX with Win7?

soapySDRUtil --probe seems ok

but what is the proper initialization for GQRX ?
I tried with:

and I got a “gqrx.exe has stopped working” error message

Any assistance is welcome



Your Device String is too long - it should only read: driver=lime, soapy=0

Remove all the other stuff in the Device String - it’s not needed.

Also, your Bandwidth is WAY too large and your LNB LO is not set right. Use these settings (and type them in the space provided as I have shown below for the numeric portions):

Bandwidth: 100000000


If all that is set up correctly, then GQRX will start fine under Windows - let us know if it’s working for you after those changes are made - thanks,

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Hi Marty,

Thanks for your assitance ! with your settings below it starts.

73 de Hagen, DL9MV

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GREAT NEWS…!! Thanks for passing that along, Hagen. Let’s just say that I’ve been at this for a little over a year with the LimeSDR V1.2 and used GQRX as my first receiver when it came alive in the March-April timeframe last year…So I know what you need to get it started. Continue to play with it and learn its other features, too - it’s a remarkable app for the LimeSDR.

One more - I noted that your Bandwidth is set to 0 - that’s fine for anything above 30 MHz. If you are using your LimeSDR to receive the HF Band, then you need to set your Bandwidth to:


…as typed to ensure that your HF tuning does not crash. It’s been found that if you tune below 30 MHz and have the Bandwidth set to 0, then it’s likely to crash on you.

Also, please do not use commas in the numeric portion of the entries - - only whole numbers without any commas or text separators. JUST numbers.

Have fun with it…!

73 de Marty, KN0CK


Please post this thread to the LimeSDR forum and then remove this comment - thanks,

Marty (KN0CK)