LimeSDR USB in HF range

I am trying to use LImesdr in hf range for this purpose i changes the hardware requirement of lime as changing the capacitors. For software i is use following ways

  1. Use limesdr with gnu radio via osmocom drivers
  2. Use limesuit software

But in both cases there is a limitation in software that limits transmit and receiving frequency of limesdr above 30MHZ so can you please guide how i can be able to use lime in between 1.5 -30MHZ

You can use the TX or the RX digital mixer (and respective NCO) to downconvert/upconvert, i.e., in theory, you can configure the analog LO to 30MHz and the NCO to downconvert 25MHz and you get a 5 MHz center frequency on the desired chain.

Note: from my findings, sometimes certain combinations don’t work. For instance if you try a LO of 30MHz and a NCO to downconvert to 10MHz, when you call the calibration function, it will report an error saying that the MCU was working for too long. However if you try setting LO=40Mhz and NCO to downconvert to 20MHz, it will work. Not really sure how to fix this bug.

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