LimeSDR supply

Does anyone know any information about LimeSDR USB expected batch? I know about EOF mini and the new mini 2.0, but there’s no news about the full version.
Before mini announcement, crowdsupply showed delivery dates of today (March 31). Now its at September.
Has anyone preordered before this change and know something?
I myself ordered from Mouser to avoid customs management as they add the VAT automatically for EU. I placed the order on Jan 05. I would guess they work directly with manufacturer as they have about 500 preordered units. Mouser support has no clue and I cant get a response from Lime Microsystems.

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Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Lime Microsystems/Mouser.

But the global electronics supply chains are still in very bad shape, in many ways things have got worse (Since I posted in November, January there was a fire at ASML in Berlin which will affected the production of new, and servicing of existing, EUV lithography equipment used in chip production. The Russia invasion, has reduced the global supply chain of Neon, Krypton, Xenon from the Ukraine, prices are sixfold what they were last quarter, needed for chip manufacture and sanctions have terminated the import of Palladium from Russia, used to make multi-layer ceramic capacitors).

For a bulk order of just passive components (inductors, resistors, capacitors) it is still about half a year from the order being placed until the parts ship, unless a company can source an intermediate supplier that has the exact component specified with enough stock for a bulk order. But bulk stock is being bought out by car manufacturers, graphics card makers, PC manufacturers and the current generation of game consoles who are trying to have stock for December!

I fully understand about the supply issues, but as I understand, the main culprit was the FPGAs for mini, thus the announcement on 2.0.
However, the announcement mentioned that FPGA sourcing issues does not affect LimeSDR USB.
Ignoring all that: the question was not WHY the delays, but IF and HOW LONG if anyone knows.