LimeSDR - STM32 interface: is it possible?

Hello lime team,

We are thinking about possiblilty to implement some kind of a standalone device hosted by STM32F7 and doing some simple RX (AM/FM demodulating and directing it through stm’s DAC out to analogue world) from regular or mini LimeSDR at relatively low freqs, say around 100-200 kSa.

Stm32f7 actually has USB HS which can be run in host mode. But do I get it right that the main problem will be to somehow port LimeSuite library to the Stm environment to be able to communicate with Lime?

Did someone try to use Lime boards in embedded world? Is there any simpler method to achive this goal - to have standalone device with simple demodulation capabilities, having analogue output? What is the minimal host version capable to drive Lime, practically?

Not aware of anyone having come up with an embedded solution which can process baseband from a LimeSDR.

Regarding Lime Suite, it could be that the C implementation, LMS7002M Driver, would be easier to port.

I honestly have no idea.

Probably worth having a look at the LMS64C protocol also:

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FPGA implements also soft CPU. Maybe that is all you need.