LimeSDR Shipping Description/Classification

Can anyone tell me what is the shipping description on the LimeSDR. I’m trying to calculate the tax duties when shipping to my country and this would be really helpful.


If you order from crowd supply it will automatically calculate the shipping for you

It’s the import duty he’s concerned with.

yes, this… I just need someone who have ordered it to tell me what was the description of the package.

I think I still have the packaging at home. I will check to see what classification was on the form.

Thanks, that would be really helpful!

Sorry… couldn’t find it… must have thrown it out.

Thanks anyway. If someone can tell me what it is, it would be really appreciated,

Try searching here, seems like it came up before. Generically it is “Test Equipment”.

I searched but didn’t find it. Thanks for your reply.

You already asked crowdsupply and they don’t know? Seems unlikely. Maybe email them again?

I’m still waiting for them to reply. Maybe there was a problem with my email, I sent it again.

Crowdsupply just replied me. If anyone want to know, the LimeSDR is shipped as ‘Electronics development kit’ under HS Code 8517.62.0050.

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