LimeSDR Question

I am in process of upgrading my SDR setup and was wondering in your experiences/opinion what would be the better long term option? More specifically could the LimeSDR ultimately replace the Hackrf one? I understand LimeSDR is relatively new and there are not as many “examples” for it out there compared to hackrf one. Also, if I have all 10 SMA ports connected, when I decide what band I want to RX on do I have to tell the SDR what port I want to receive on or will it automatically know which port to receive from?

Not sure exactly what you mean by replace, but the specs are different. HackRF One covers up to 6GHz, whereas LimeSDR goes up to 3.8GHz. However, the upcoming LMS8001 add-on will extend coverage to 12GHz. HackRF is half-duplex and SISO, whereas LimeSDR is full duplex and 2x2 MIMO. There are other differences also. You should check the specs of each and consider your requirements.

You select port by software. E.g. on the RX side you have 2x each of low, high and wideband inputs. So you could have an application which uses two separate RX channels, and/or two TX channels also.