LimeSDR-QPCIe Quick Test

Hello! I have my LimeSDR-QPCIe with custom FPGA project. Where I can take FPGA programming file for ran the quick test procedure utility with Lime Suite?

@Zack, do we have this / a quick test procedure for LimeSDR-QPCIe?

Document LimeSDR-QPCIe v1.2 User Manual (LimeSDR-Q_v1p2_Quick_Start_Manual_v0p03.pdf) has section 3.Getting Started with LimeSDR-USB. Is it quick test for LimeSDR-QPCIe with using USB interface?
The section 5.3 Obtaining FPGA programming files of the same document has link for FPGA project LimeSDRQPCIE_lms7_trx. Will this project help to conduct a quick test? Where can I download it?