LimeSDR PCIe x 16 installation issue

Hi All ,

I am new to LimeSDR PCIe x4 and trying to use with Limesuit . I am using Desktop computer with Linux and I have fitted LimeSDR PCIe x1slot and it is working and detecting with Limesuit . I have tried to connect LimeSDR PCI x16 slot it is not detecting and not working with Limesuit . I read that If you using Linux then we no need any driver to detect PCI slot or SDR it will detect automatically . Please can you reply with step by step guide and it will be appreciated .

@IgnasJ could you assist, please.

What particular Linux distribution do you use?
What gateware version?

linux 18.04.1
Device: LimeSDR-PCIe

Hi @mpatel39500,

Try to update the gateware to the latest one which is 2.12.