LimeSDR PCIe to solve Win10 USB Driver Issue Hopefully

With My LimeSDR USB on a Dell XPS with Win10 and Asus motherboard windows refuses to allow USB driver activation. If I purchase a LimeSDR PCIe will the driver for it install without issues?

I have the driver working on 8 different computers. 6 laptops (2 core to modern I7), Udoo X86 Ultra & 8 core 72G RAM Dell workstation.
What exactly is the issue with your Lime USB driver?


Using both usb, mini and pcie versions of the Lime on several computers, I’ve never seen deep incompatibility of the usb driver (which is generic after all). This being said, if your specific config prevents it for any reason (conflict between drivers for instance), I’m selling my LimeSDR PCIe , which works very well, for the reason that I’m using only laptops now so only USB3 is available…

This issue is specific to computers with Asus motherboards only. Asus motherboards running WIN10 is the specific problem. My question is before I buy a PCIe LimeSDR I want to know if it’s going to work on a Asus motherboard.