LimeSDR PCIe: RIFFA 2.2 vs Xillybus (open source vs license)

I’ve learned that there is an open source PCIe IP called RIFFA 2.2

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Is there a plan to upgrade the LimeSDR PCIe with a FPGA which has a Gen2 transceiver (Cyclone IV GX is Gen1)? Maybe for the next Lime Transceiver generation?

And maybe the LimeSDR PCIe board can have a reduced price if the Xillybus license fee is removed and instead the RIFFA 2.2 PCIe IP is used?

  • Xillybus has an upper limit of 400 MB/s in PCIe x4.
  • RIFFA 2.2 claims a much higher limit due to the novel architecture
    • In Cyclone V, I got these numbers from someone who is experimenting with this IP:
      I was seeing 209Mb/s for gen1_x1 and 411Mb/s for gen2_x1 settings.
    • If this is reproducible in Cyclone IV, we would get 800Mbps (6.4Gbps), it is double the performance of Xillybus.

If LimeSDR PCIe is scheduled for an upgrade in the future, then a small Cyclone V GT with 5.0Gbps transceivers would give 18Gbps in Gen2 4x with Open Source RIFFA PCIe IP!!



Cyclone IV Gen1 limit:

Xillybus 400 MB/s upper limit:

Reference discussion from @Zack