LimeSDR parameter setting order


I am writing some code in C that reads samples at various center frequencies. I was just wondering, is the order of SDR parameter setting important, please? I am using the SoapySDR API (as shown in LimeSDR Made Simple Part 8)

For each step in the loop, I am setting parameters in the following order:

sample rate
center frequency

Is this correct please? Many thanks!

Yes, that should work, but there are some of the C functions that don’t work - (I don’t remember which ones, but I had to switch to the C++ routines to get things running) - so you may want to switch to using the C++ interface. There are 3 SoapySDR versions in common usage - versions 0.6, 0.7 and 0.8 and they are all slightly different. This will just get you the raw data - liquidsdr has the routines to process the raw data into AM, FM, USB, LSB etc…

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Many thanks for your reply, and for the useful information provided. Thanks again!