limeSDR on Vmware Ubuntu 18.04 not find the device

LimeSDR in windows works well as follow

but in vmware player is not recognized use this

How to solve this problem, thanks veryone.


Are you running VMWare on:
a) the same Windows PC?, or
b) some other PC/Laptop running VMWare?

If a - you need to check your USB settings in VMWare such that your LimeSDR is passed through to the Ubuntu VM and not Windows itself.

If b - you need to do same as in a, but you will also have to check whether that PC/Laptop is passing sufficient power through for it to work properly.

VMWare gives the option to pass the USB device through to the VM as either USB2 or USB3. Try USB3.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @keithl, I’m the a),

but the Ubuntu VM doesn’t recognize the LimeSDR device,

You have closed all Microsoft windows applications that could access the LimeSDR before starting VMware and you have started VMware and have the foreground virtual machine running before connecting the LimeSDR into a USB port.

Full disclosure: I’ve only used VirtualBox with the Extension Pack binaries installed.

Can you see the correct VID:PID (using “lsusb”). Is the VM able to see that the USB device is connected ?

ID 04b4:00f3 Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
(This would be a Cypress FX3 microcontroller if no firmware was loaded, probably a LimeSDR-USB)

ID 1d50:6108 OpenMoko, Inc.
(LimeSDR-USB corectly identified, the string after the VID:UID could also be “Myriad-RF LimeSDR”)

ID 0403:601f Future Technology Devices International, Ltd
(LimeSDR-mini, you can verify with an additional command, if installed)

$ LimeUtil --find
[LimeSDR Mini, media=USB 3.0, module=FT601, addr=24607:1027, serial=123456789ABCDE]

Thxs @mzs, the lsusb already identification, but LimeUtil --find has nothing



My guess is that your problem may be power related.

The openmoko usb chip may be working ok and therefor being detected by your ubuntu vm.
But if the other LimeUSB hardware is not getting sufficient power via the USB interface, LimeUtil is not going to be able to communicate with it and print nothing.

I understand that the LimeUsb can be powered directly from an external power supply. Maybe look into that option and see what happens then.

I see there is a Windows utility described at: which you can use to check USB power drain.
When using LimeUtil directly from Windows10, check the load. Then do same again when going the VMware route. My guess is that when running the VM, Windows is delivering only the max 500mA that is standard on USB2.


Does “lsusb -t” show up the port that the LimeSDR-USB is connected as being a USB 3.0 port. At the end of the line it should show a signalling rate of 5000Mbit/s for USB 3.0, 480Mbit/s would be USB 2.0 High Speed and 12Mbit/s would be USB 1.0 full speed (mostly for keyboards and mice).

Sorry for the late reply @keithl and @mzs, I’ll try the methods