LimeSDR not working for transmit.receive function?

Hello everyone,

                          1. When i connect a receiving antenna to the limeSDR, i am able to receive FM, transfer it to MATLAB successfully and demodulate it to listen to a audio signal, all successfully!!!

                          2. Now the problem is, when i generate a FM signal, on MATLAB, while the demodulation process works in that i can easily retrieve the original signal(the modulating signal), this doesn't work with the limeSDR.

                               That is, i generate an FM signal on MATLAB, send it to LimeSDR via cable, connect the transmitting antenna to receiving antenna, then receive samples onto MATLAB, all the while using jocovers codes, and when i see the plots  directly, or after demodulating the received samples, i don't seem to have retrieved the original signal!!

                             What could be the problem?

Thanks a lot,
Vinayak Anant Karandikar