LimeSDR minimum RX bandwidth via Soapy and GQRX?

In reading the data sheet on the LMS7002, it would seem that the chip supports setting the analog RX bandwidth to 750kHz, however attempting to go narrower than 1.2MHz in GQRX kills the program with an exception that the BW is not supported. Is this just a limitation of the work-in-progress nature of the driver, or am I missing something?

Also, I am confused by the behavior of the decimation option. I would have thought that as you brought in more decimation, the CPU load would go down, but that doesn’t seem to happen. If I reduce the actual ADC rate, the CPU load goes down, but selecting a faster ADC rate and decimating to the same rate doesn’t seem to reduce the rate.

In short, I would expect that for carrier frequencies above 30MHz, by reducing the analog bandwidth before the ADCs and cranking up the decimation (which I would expect would be done by activating the half-band filters), it should be possible to have a very narrow bandwidth - even before using the FIR filters.


Did you get any answer about the bandwidth limitation with GQRX and the LimeSDR ? I have the same issue : I would like to decrease the bandwidth in order to decrease the noise floor.


Good bug reports are hard to make but you should try at github. That way you gather the info in one place and others can contribute to the bug report with additional data/info. Then it may be discovered that there’s a bug or that your setup is wrong or something else is wrong. That’s how open source works best.

Maybe you have already made a bug report or someone else has???

I am new in the SDR community… I will report this. Hopefully I will learn if it’s a bug or a limitation of the LimeSDR.

If you mean the decimation option in the Gqrx dialog, then it is a software decimation implemented in gqrx. In some cases it will reduce the CPU but it is mostly useful with devices that do not support low sample rates.