LimeSDR mini working only in Lime Suite

I’ve bought a LimeSDR mini through CrowdSupply.
I’ve installed all the software on my Ubuntu laptop and ran the quick start procedure. Lime is showing up on lime suite, FFT working correctly and LimeQuickTest all OK.
I’ve installed SDRangel and tried to tune to Broadcast FM (95.6 MHz) but all I can see is a dead spectrum, with just noise and DC. Tuning to other frequencies doesn’t change.
I’ve tried the same on windows 10 with PhotosSDR installer with the same results.

Have you selected the correct antenna/LNA input?

Where do I select it? Since it is a mini I supposed only one input was available

It has two LNA inputs on the RFIC connected, to enable selecting different matching networks depending on frequency. See the wiki for details. Could be that in SDRangel for “RF in” either None or the third not connected LNA input is selected.