LimeSDR Mini with LMS7002M Python package


I made a VNA using the LimeSDR with LMS7002M Python package and works fine.

But this same code in the LimeSDR Mini has the error:

“Searching for LimeSDR… Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 147, in
limeSDR = LimeSDR()
File “build\\egg\pyLMS7002M\”, line 51, in init
ValueError: LimeSDR not found”

The LimeSDR Mini not is compatible with Python?

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Not quite — pyLMS7002M has likely not been tested with the LimeSDR Mini. Furthermore, I’m guessing the VNA application might need some tweaks. Tagging @dgrujic to see if he could comment further.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your feedback.

I made a simple code to verify if the pyLMS7002M found the LimeSDR boards (normal and mini versions). The normal version was found by pyLMS7002M but the Mini version not was found.

If you can any tips to I update the code to works with Mini version?

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PS: the code to verify the connection is:

from pyLMS7002M import *

print(“Searching for LimeSDR…”)
limeSDR = LimeSDR()
print(“LimeSDR not found”)
print("\nLimeSDR info:")
limeSDR.printInfo() # print the LimeSDR board info
limeSDR.LMS7002_Reset() # reset the LMS7002M
lms7002 = limeSDR.getLMS7002() # get the LMS7002M object
ver, rev, mask = lms7002.chipInfo # get the chip info
print("\nLMS7002M info:")
print("VER : "+str(ver))
print("REV : "+str(rev))
print("MASK : "+str(mask))

At the moment, LimeSDR Mini is not supported by pyLMS7002M.
Next update should include support for LimeSDR Mini.