LimeSDR mini with GNURADIO - works with soapysdr, don't get same result with gr-limesuite

Hi all,

I’m very happy with my LimeSDR mini since I received it. I got it up and running very easily in GNURADIO with the soapysdr block. I have installed gr-limesuite from source, it can be included in the grc file without issue and the project builds without issue.

When I run, no error messages out of the ordinary appear with gr-limesuite and spectrum displays etc are as expected. In my testing, I have 2 identical GRC files, one with the soapysdr block, the other with the limesuite block, otherwise identical. Soapysdr works with my data processing, limesuite doesn’t.

I have attached a grab of the 2 instanciated blocks.



I’m unsure about the CMIX setting in Limesuite, and I have tried the RX oversampling set to 4x and default and both seem to produce a more realistic spectrum than other settings.

Any suggestions ?


Hi @TimBat,

CMIX setting controls NCO (NCO frequency direction). It will be removed from future update and NCO will be controlled through NCO frequency setting only by typing positive and negative values (currently only positive values work).

Could you share the output of both of your flow graphs?