Limesdr Mini wiggle. how do i fix this

the video is long but but if you see a signal in the waterfall that is wiggling then you know its the lime mini,
i need this fixed. what do i have to do?

i also want to add i think this lime-mini might be out of spec also.
reason being when i tune to my local ATSC Pilot signal of 632.310mhz my center frequency in gqrx is at 632.308990mhz and thats over 1khz off
that cant be right can it?
i mean thats even further away then ±4ppm when warmed up and stable that it says on the crowdsupply site for the lime-mini
any info would be great before i get a hold of crowd supply

Hi @en1gma,

Do you see the same behavior with LimeSuiteGUI?