LimeSDR Mini v2.2 RX interference issues

I compared the LimeSDR Mini v2.2 RX performance with SDR play RSPdx, by receiving weather maps from NOAA satellite. both using SDR Console and WXtoIMG, and same discone antenna on roof.

The RSPdx was fine but the Lime unit had wavy lines on the image, suggesting interference.

Investigating. I have the Lime in a plastic case not metal, with a fan about a foot away (temp around 30C). PSU coming from powered USB hub. Carrier about 500kHz away from signal at 137.1MHz. W-FM, 40kHz BW filter.

Does the Lime micro team know of any interference issues with this board? Eg. digital noise getting onto RF input through RFI or PSU. I want to fit it to a screened box with cooling but cannot find a good one.

Peter M0LNB

I will try the additional screening cans and increase decoupling capacitor to 10nF, as suggested in LimeSDR mini discussions. But would be good to know about anything specific to v2.2 that I should try.

Not aware of any. Tagging @Zack for further comment.