LimeSDR Mini v2.2 RF front-end switching to SMA connector


When selecting RX LNA H / W as input to the Lime RFIC, does it also switch the Skyworks RF Switch to route H / W to the RX SMA connector? Does the API require one command to select H / W on the RFIC and set the RF Switch - does the FPGA take care of it?

Peter M0LNB

You didn’t say which board. Do you mean LimeSDR Mini v2.2? There are numerous different board types.

LimeSDR mini v2.2

Also, when is loopback used? Is it used for TX calibration?

Peter M0LNB

Thanks, just updated the topic title for clarity.

Lime Suite + gateware should take care of setting any switches when API call sets LNA port.

Loopback is used for transmit calibration.