LimeSDR Mini V2.0 - max data bitrate "dualRXTX" mode

I plan to buy LimeSDR Mini V2.0, please clarify this point: what is the maximum data bitrate possible via the USB interface in the “dualRXTX” mode?

if you are referring to the Lime Suite example, dualRXTX.cpp, that is for use with 2x2 MIMO capable boards, such as the original “LimeSDR USB” and LimeSDR PCIe boards. LimeSDR Mini v1 and v2 are SISO and so there are not 2x channels available to you.

Thank you for clarifying this point, then it probably makes sense to rephrase the question.
Is it possible to transmit data in real time and receive the same data? In this circuit, the RF output of the TX is connected to the RF RX. If yes, what is the maximum bitrate that LimeSDR Mini V2.0 will support?

Transmit and receive the same data? Not sure why you’d want to do this, but you could loopback RF I guess and there would of course be some delay introduced.

Or maybe you just mean transmit and receive at the same time? In which case, of course, all LimeSDRs are full duplex. For specs see: