LimeSDR mini unreliable

Hi @en1gma,

Could you please repeat Quick Test with open RF ports and post log file here, please.

en1gma@M4800:~$ LimeUtil --find

  • [LimeSDR Mini, media=USB 3.0, module=FT601, addr=24607:1027, serial=1D3BD0C4F0CDFF]

en1gma@M4800:~$ LimeQuickTest
->Start time: Wed Sep 30 06:49:29 2020

->Device: LimeSDR Mini, media=USB 3.0, module=FT601, addr=24607:1027, serial=1D3BD0C4F0CDFF, HW=1, GW=1.30
Serial Number: 1D3BD0C4F0CDFF
Chip temperature: 45 C

[ Clock Network Test ]
->REF clock test
Test results: 39597; 52794; 461 - PASSED
->VCTCXO test
Results : 6710981 (min); 6711146 (max) - PASSED
->Clock Network Test PASSED

->Read data: 12 03 10 12 03 10 02

[ LMS7002M Test ]
->Perform Registers Test
->External Reset line test
Reg 0x20: Write value 0xFFFD, Read value 0xFFFD
Reg 0x20: value after reset 0x0FFFF
->LMS7002M Test PASSED

[ RF Loopback Test ]
->Configure LMS
->Run Tests (TX_2 -> LNA_W):
CH0 (SXR=1000.0MHz, SXT=1005.0MHz): Result:(-25.5 dBFS, 5.00 MHz) - FAILED
->Run Tests (TX_1 -> LNA_H):
CH0 (SXR=2100.0MHz, SXT=2105.0MHz): Result:(-11.4 dBFS, 5.00 MHz) - PASSED
->RF Loopback Test FAILED

=> Board tests FAILED <=

Elapsed time: 2.49 seconds


is there any more info you require @zach?

Looks like TX_2 or LNA_W RF port is dead.

im guessing TX2 as I think LNA_W is good but how can i tell for sure?

Generate a carrier and measure output on TX2, using a spectrum analyser or power meter. Generate a test signal to input on LNA_W, or tune to a known signal and compare received spectrum with another LimeSDR Mini.