LimeSDR Mini tuning below 10mhz

Despite my programming issues with my LimeSDR mini it seems that I am able to tune well below the 10mhz range that’s specified. I’m listening/receiving some FT8 transmissions at 7.074mhz. Can others also receive below 10 mhz?

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I believe the mini only goes down to 10mhz. The bigger brother goes lower.


You can go below 10MHz with LimeSDR-Mini as well. Just RF matching network is not optimized for this freqyency range.

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How far down can the LimeMini tune…? Let me know on that - I assumed that the RF ASIC wasn’t capable of tuning below 10 MHz but if it’s 7002-based it can tune like the flagship LimeSDR. Again, let me know -

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Hi @martywittrock,

LimeSDR-Mini is LMS7002M based. Hence tuning limitations are the same as for LimeSDR-USB. But, as I said before, RF matching networks are not optimized for frequencies below 10MHz.

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@Marty It seems 40m HF reception is decent. I haven’t tried much below that.