limeSDR-mini transmitting without being told to

after a year of having a limesdr-mini in my shelf ive started playing with it.

im running ubuntu in a vbox on osx serria with 3.0 usb.

i have installed and have working limesuite sdrangel pathos and grc, sadly i cant get gqrx to work yet but im sure i will soon.

i have mostly been using grc to test examples and create my own scripts.

i have however recently been testing gr-paint which i have adapted from bladerf to the lime-mini.

all works fine on the lime so far except today i now have a very odd signal being produced at 700mhz all the time, i.e if the usb is plugged in it transmits a singal wihtout me running a grc script or not.

i was just before using gr-paint at 700mhz but i was also testing it at 915 and 800mhz and there is no signal there.

i have since tried reinstalling firmware but nothing has changed.the signal is still produced at 700mhz.

i have taken some screen shots of the signal whilst being plugged in to usb without running a grc script and whilst running a grc fm transmit example at 465mhz.

below are some screenshots i took,i am also confused why the fm transmit example found in gr-limesdr examples is producing mutliple signals rather than one.

screenshot of signal produced whilst transmitting at 465mhz.

screenshot of signal produced whilst transmitting fm at 465mhz.

screenshot of signal produced whithout transmitting anything, just the usb is powered.