Limesdr mini, srslte and simcards


LimeSDR Mini works great with srslte, the phone sees the network. But without simcard phone can’t connect to network. So, my question: is it necessary to buy and program sim cards to test own LTE net, or srslte have a test mode in which I can connect without a sim card, as in gsm networks?


You need a programable SIM card that supports MILENAGE algorithm to use with SRSLTE. I got mine from open-cells, but they are currently out of stock.

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You need SIM card with known keys. So either programmable SIM where you can program keys yourself or preprogrammed SIM with known keys. srsLTE works with both milenage and XOR authentication algorithms, however all cards need to use the same algorithm (it is set in srsepc configuration file)
One type of the SIMs that we tried are named “TestCard For Anritsu MT8820C”. They use XOR algorithm and their IMSI and keys were the same as one of the entries in the default srsLTE database so I guess they are standard. Some time ago there was an issue with using more than one of these cards as they all have same IMSI and srsLTE used not to allow duplicate IMSIs so only one could be connected at the time. They were going to change that behaviour, however I haven’t not tested what is the current status.
Another tested SIMs were . We have non-programmable option, so cards have unchangable 901-70 MCC-MNC and IMSIs and keys were send to us by email.

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opens-cells equipement is more low cost!

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good to know that. However, i could not see the network using limesdr,linux and using the default settings. However changed the RF section enb.conf. The transmission is happening and i could see that using another SDR(HACKRF).Did you do any changes to epc.conf, enb.conf