Limesdr Mini Receiver problem

Hi everyone,
I am new to limeSDR mini. I am working on project which requires transmission and reception of the same continuous wave signal at 250 MHz and needs to measure the delay of Tx and Rx signal. I am able to transmit at 250 MHz using tutorials that are given on website. But I am unable to receive the same signal. I also tried the receiver example but it doesn’t work. Can anybody guide me for this problem?

Thank you,

250 Mhz is usually a Mil Airband frequency. How do you know you are Tx ok if you cant receive? Do you have Rx gain adjusted sufficiently?

Hi @ultrajv

I have check the signal using spectrum analyzer it shows good signal strength. I tried all parameters for Rx but still I don’t results.

Thank you

ok. Have you selected the correct input? There are 2 filters, high and low. You need to select low.