LimeSDR Mini overshoot at phase change

Hi! I am using a LimeSDR Mini to collect samples at the output of a transmitter using GNURadio, and when I use a DPSK modulation over a pulse - phase changing 180° several times within the pulse, I can see in I and Q channels a big pre and overshoot every phase jump.

Below is a picture of the issue. The pre/overshoots are very clear every time the phase changes 180°. If no modulation is applied, there is some overshoot in the pulses, but not this big.

I am using the maximum sample rate, 30.72 MHz, and I have tried changing the LPF and calibration settings but I cannot see any big differences. Also RX gain is adjusted so that amplitude of received samples stays below 0.8 (float format). Any suggestions on how I can fix/improve it? Could it be related to DC correction?

Thank you!!