LimeSDR mini + osmo-trx-lms - infinite loop "sending IND CLOCK"

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to run a GSM BTS using the LimeSDR mini and i can’t get it working with my phones (don’t find the network, (looking for 2G networks))

What I see in the logs:

  • There are no errors
  • The message “sending IND CLOCK” is repeated infinitely

i try to reduce the power, to put attenuation and it has no effect (according to what i found on forums)

Here are my configuration files:


  1. When you start the software in these order, did you have the repeated message “sending IND CLOCK” on “osmo-trx-lms” output ?

    sudo osmo-trx-lms

  2. Is this message a problem on “osmo-bts-trx” output ?

    <000b> trx_if.c:185 phy0.0: No satisfactory response from transceiver(CMD POWERON)
    <000b> trx_if.c:620 phy0.0: Discarding duplicated RSP from old CMD ‘RSP POWERON 0’

I found somewhere that there was problems one year ago with limesdr that does not respond enough faster so it produce “timeouts” and then the response is not processed. Not sure if it’s this.

Here are some pictures:

When ‘osmo-bts-trx’ is started:

osmo-trx-lms output:

osmo-trx-lms logs:

osmo-nitb logs:

osmo-bts-trx logs:

My LimeSDR mini:

Thanks for help

Some errors there which suggest the wrong version(s) of dependencies installed, so I’d start by trying to get rid of those errors. You could also ask on the Osmocom list, but note that osmo-nitb is technically deprecated and so you should really be using the supported more modular architecture, which involves many more components.