LimeSDR Mini on Virtualbox not detecting serial number

I’m running into another issue with VirtualBox. Every time I plug in the LimeSDR Mini, the vm momentarily recognizes it and identifies the serial number, allowing me to perform the quicktest function or an update, but less than a minute afterwards, it loses it.

The image below shows that the device is still there using lsusb and limeutil --find, but for some reason the serial number can not be found after that short minute.

I’ve already tried updating my Windows 10 usb drivers. the installation followed is shown below:

I’ve had nothing but problems trying to use SDR devices with virtual machines.

I did get much better results with Oracle VirtualBox after I installed the additional non opensource proprietary BLOB “VM VirtualBox Extension Pack” that fixes many problems with the virtual USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 bus.

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Thanks for the response.

I already have the extension pack installed, and the settings of the vm set to usb-3.0, but it only works consistently on the 2.0 port.

We’ve had success using LimeSDR Mini with VirtualBox once the Extension Pack is installed and device filter is configured for pass through, but I suspect it’s always going to be less reliable than using devices with the host O/S.

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