LimeSDR-mini new 'feature'?

On my Windows 10 machine, I have just updated Pothos/LimeSDRGui. (8/4/18) After checking that the LimeSDR-mini worked with LimeSDRGui I sparked up GQRX. It seemed to be a lot more stable and reliable to when I tried it previously. I set the sample rate in the Configure I/O devices dialog to 60Msps and this appeared to run just fine showing a 60MHz instantaneous receive bandwidth.See below image of my local cell band showing the spectrum between 880 - 940MHz.


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The limesdr-mini is not supposed to support a RX bandwith of 30.72 MHz ?

How did you get a 60Mhz bandwith ?


Set up GQRX as shown in the image. Set the sample rate (Input Rate) to 60Msps and the front end RX bandwidth to 60MHz.

Note that my device string is
Other…: driver=lime,index=0,media=‘USB 3’,module=FT601,name=‘LimeSDR Mini’,serial=1D3AC95E360EA2,type=soapy,uhd

It has been running for over 4 hours now with no problem.

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