LimeSDR Mini LoRa Ubuntu Tx Issue


I am using two LimeSDR minis and trying to replicate the LoRa demo using Pothos and I have succeeded to communicate between two PCs running Windows 10 (not sure why there is a Tx calibration error, but the LimeSDR minis still work fine).

However, when attempting to replicate the demo between an SBC running Ubuntu 16.04 and one Windows 10 PC I am having issues. The SBC can receive text box messages from the PC as in the demo just fine. The problem is that the SBC is not transmitting properly to the PC an I’m not sure why.

I am thinking the issue can be pinpointed to the USB 2.0 port of the SBC. But I know it is not a power issue. When I use a USB 2.0 splitter, transmission is still unsuccessful. Further, when using a spectrum analyzer to measure the power output, the power output is the same between the PC and the SBC with or without the splitter. Could the transmission problem be a USB 2.0 data rate issue instead of a power issue?

Thanks for any help or tips! I might need to get a different SBC with a USB 3.0 port, but I thought I’d check in here first.