LimeSDR mini - local oscillator?

I’m trying to understand the LimeSDR mini’s receive chain and am wondering if it has an “equivalent” of a local oscillator. What I mean is, I know the LMS7002M data sheet has the mixers connected to the RX phase locked loops and the reference clock’s freq. is 40Mhz. But it also says there are complex mixers in the TSP block that use NCOs (and I don’t know how their frequencies are determined), and every so often it makes reference to LOs (e.g. under “calibration and initialization”, “RX DC offset and RX LO leakage cancellation”). So what I’m asking is: can the formula f_IF = | f_LO - f_RF | be applied to the LimeSDR mini and if so, how would you find the value of f_LO?