LimeSDR-mini is not working properly as transmitter

Hi all,

         I was trying to make a QPSK transmitter and receiver using LimeSDR mini at a center frequency of 2.2 GHz. But at the receiver end the constellation which i received was not QPSK and spread-ed widely. That means modulation at transmitter is not proper. I have used a HackRF One as transmitted the same GRC flowgraph and it was working well and at receiver i got good constellation as well as data. Why i am not able transmit the signal using limesdr mini?? Any special configuration is there to make it a transmitter ? The driver for limesdr mini looks not works well for this.  My limeSDR mini is v1.2.

Somebody please help me for figuring it out… I have no choice to use other SDR because of the size constraints of my device.

Thanks & Regards,

Can you supply a screenshot of the constellation it transmit/receives?

Even i am hit with same issues,while using limesdr mini.For transmitting using limesdr we need to know its entire hardware specifications of it when I disable the transmitter and receiver part of my block then the constellation is fine.