LimeSDR mini HW 1.1 and Gateware 1.29

At the moment there is the last LSuite and GW (19.01/1.29).
So the last version GW file is LimeSDR-Mini_HW_1.2_r1.29.rpd
I don’t understand a little bit. In previous LSuite version was separate file for HW 1.1. Now it isn’t.
Only for HW 1.2.
If I update my LimeSDR mini HW1.1 with file LimeSDR-Mini_HW_1.2_r1.29.rpd, does it brick my Lime mini or it’s safe to update the HW 1.1 with v1.29?

Gateware is the same for LimeSDR-Mini v1.1 and v1.2. So, yes you can update LimeSDR-Mini v1.1 with GW v1.29 (auto update does that).

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Thank you very much for explanation!