LimeSDR Mini hardware v1.2

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What is the difference between LimeSDR-Mini v1.1 and LimeSDR-Mini v1.2 hardware revisions ?

I don’t think there should be any from an end user perspective. You can compare the designs yourself, if you like:

@Zack may be able to comment further.

Summary: My guess would be a slightly less hot LMS7002M chip and a corresponding reduction in noise.

The only changes that I can see in the schematic are (but the schematic never tells you everything):
page 2:
block diagram displays that 2 new LDO’s have been added.
low-noise voltage regulator LD39100 1.25V 1A
low-noise voltage regulator LD39100 1.4V 1A

page 6:
changes to the power supplied to the “LMS7002M Power Part 6/7”
1.25V Analog and 1.25V-1.4V Analog are now using external LDO’s instead of internal LDO’s in revision 1.1
The two new additional LDO’s with their associated passive components are also shown.

I could probably tell a lot more if the PCB files were made using KiCAD instead of Altium Designer (I could use altium2kicad but that seems like a twisted set of hoops to jump through on an open hardware project)

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I just joined the community and found this forum thread, but now I 's with the updated question:
“What is the difference between LimeSDR-Mini v1.2 and LimeSDR-Mini v1.3 (in my case) hardware revisions”?

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If I remember correctly there was a small change to the design made due to a part going end-of-life, but @Zack could confirm.

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Is there any further info on differences with the new 1.3? I just got one of these as well. I am considering purchasing one of these cases for it when they are available, but now I am unsure if the 1.3 would fit, both things like USB/SMA port placement on the board, and placement of the chips to line up with the thermal pads for cooling with this case. I don’t see any info for this 1.3 board on the site, one would not think a 1.3 actually exists.

As far as I know v1.3 boards were fitted in the official aluminium enclosure also and would doubt that there are any changes that cause issues, but to be certain I would suggest contacting the vendor of the Lime AC Case.

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As Andrew rightly mentioned we had to change the PCB while LDO modules we used went EOL. Hence version v1.3.

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