LimeSDR-Mini_GW factory FPGA project


I would like to open the FPGA factory project on Quartus.
I understand that the correct directory structure is that one located into the LimeSDR-Mini_factory repo folder:

LimeSDR-Mini_GW/LimeSDR-Mini_factory at master · myriadrf/LimeSDR-Mini_GW · GitHub

But when I open the LimeSDR-Mini_factory.qpf with Quartus, it seems this is an empty project.
I understand that LimeSDR-Mini_lms7_trx must be opened instead.

Could someone give an hint ?
Unfortunately there is no minimal tutorial/explanation that explains how the project is organized…


I know nothing. But looking at the fitter reports.

For limesdr-mini_factory:
Successful - Wed Jan 17 12:09:52 2018
Quartus Prime Version 17.1.0 Build 590 10/25/2017 SJ Lite Edition

For LimeSDR-Mini_lms7_trx:
Successful - Tue May 07 14:11:04 2019
Quartus Prime Version 15.1.2 Build 193 02/01/2016 SJ Lite Edition

My take away would be that they were built with different version of Quartus Prime. The bad news is that 15.1.2 was already deleted by Intel from their download servers. And 17.1.0 will probably be deleted from Intel’s download servers on the 2022-10-25, if it has not already been deleted. Intel appears to be removing software older than 5 years.

I am trying to compile the project with Quartus Prime Lite 20.1 and all I get are syntax errors or missing entities from the original source code…

I think that the Quartus SW version shold be the minor issue :neutral_face:


You would think that, but from what I’ve seen it is not.

17.1 version can be downloaded from here:

Harrying up to download :roll_eyes:


You probably are right, sadly, because the SW should handle older versions projects.
I will try with 17.1, then maybe I will retry to build it up from zero, starting from block diagrams and schematics… This is not part of the work I had planned…


Oh, the master_clean branch compiles successfully for LimeSDR-Mini_lms7_trx.

LimeSDR-Mini_factory still seems to be an empty/broken project.
In fact it seems that the bitstream files located into LimeSDR-Mini_bitstreams are generated from LimeSDR-Mini_lms7_trx project…