LimeSDR-mini FIR Setting


I use C++ to control the LimeSDR. Now I am trying to set a FIR for my LimeSDR

	LMS_SetLPFBW(device, LMS_CH_TX, 0, 10e6);
	LMS_SetLPFBW(device, LMS_CH_RX, 0, 1.5e6);

	LMS_SetLPF(device, LMS_CH_TX, 0, true);
	LMS_SetLPF(device, LMS_CH_RX, 0, true);

	LMS_SetGFIR(device, LMS_CH_TX, 0, LMS_GFIR3, true);
	LMS_SetGFIR(device, LMS_CH_RX, 0, LMS_GFIR3, true);

	LMS_SetGFIRLPF(device, LMS_CH_TX, 0, true, 10e6);
	LMS_SetGFIRLPF(device, LMS_CH_RX, 0, true, 1.5e6);
    LMS_Calibrate(device, LMS_CH_TX, 0, 2.5e6, 0);
    LMS_Calibrate(device, LMS_CH_RX, 0, 2.5e6, 0);

I am not sure this is right or not.
And GFIRLPF always show that GFIR LPF connect be set to the requested bandwidth.
What I want to do is using FIR to decrease the noise from the Antenna. The Sensor I use is a bit sensitivity, The result is good with cable, but when I add antenna into the system, the I cannot get the result. So, I guess it’s the noise problems.

Also, I cannot find the LimeSDR C++ API document, I have no idea the value that can set for LPF.

Anyone can help me? Thank you very much.

Also, Where is thee DC corrector on C++ library?

GFIR: set only LMS_SetGFIRLPF with BW=0 to disable GFIR or BW=0-100% of sample rate for auto enable with desired BW (for example: 0.1*1e6 is 100KHz GFIR bandwidth)
Calibration: LMS_Calibrate minimum BW is 5e6 (5MHz), if you set less Limesuite dll will auto correct
API exported function list (with detailed explanation):

Parameters list:

(when you hover with mouse over controls in LimeSuiteGUI hint messages are from this file)