LimeSDR mini, doesn't work with the available .ini files

The documentation, .ini files and everything else only seems to be available for the limesdr usb, couldn’t find anything for the mini board, as a beginner whatever I try, the errors I encounter, whether it is the octave scripts or with manual testing. LimeSdr mini has nothing except for questions, a plethora of questions unanswered here. Please get some .ini files and octave, or python codes for the mini. It is very unsettling for a beginner like me. I always end up wondering, I should’ve been provided(being an intern) with the USB.

Hi @almosthuman1.0,

You can start with LimeSuiteGUI. Just connect to the board, then push “Default” button. Then push “Chip --> GUI” button. Then you can save configuration file by pushing “Save button”.