LimeSDR Mini dead :'(

I was having issues with clean RF output from my Mini, and so tried powering the USB to give it enough current. However, I didn’t notice that my multi-voltage adapter was set to 12v and so after a flash of light and a burnt smell, my mini is dead. No lights, nothing.

On investigation ESD3 has a mark on the surface. Seems it’s blown from being supplied with 12v? Is this repairable?

That may not be the only component which suffered damage, even if it is the only one which physically shows evidence of this.

Everything is repairable given the rights tools and experience etc. Suspect @Zack could advise as to whether it’s possible it could be an easier fix or one much more involved.

Hi @andyw,

Give me more details on how you supplied power from external supply to your LimeSDR-Mini.
Next, remove ESD3 component and check if there is USB_VBUS line shorted to GND. If not, connect it to USB port to check if it is alive.
But, as Andrew rightly mentioned, there may be other components which suffered damage.

Thanks for the reply.

It was plugged into a USB hub that is able to be supplied with external power. The multi-voltage adapter can supply 12v at 0.9A. When I plugged it in, there was a flash in the area of the ESD3 (might’ve been capacitor C121 or C122 as I see they are only rated for 6.3V) and now nothing.

I’ve tested voltage as it stands and there’s still power coming in from the USB port. I’ll have to ask friends if they have SMD desoldering tools as the board uses much smaller components than I’m used to.