LimeSDR Mini - Cubic SDR Sample Rate

Hello all,

I received my LimeSDR min yesterday and was able to get it going on Win 10 with CubicSDR; however, if I increase my sample rate beyond 1 MHZ the device stops responding. I start with the default 100k and then go to Manual Entry and start adding zero’s 'til it breaks. I set it to 10MHZ and it froze, but I noticed it did get peaks in the right spots for the broadcast FM stations in town, so it’s like it worked for a moment.

I haven’t tried in Linux yet. Debian is my OS of choice, but I have some things that force me into Win 10 so much I typically run debian in Virtualbox. I’ll boot into linux tonight and see if I get better results there. I work in commercial radio and was really looking forward to seeing most of the FM broadcast band at the same time.

I shouldn’t be under powered. Core I7 skylake, 32gigs ddr4, gtx 1080 (not sure if the gpu is relevant). I have tried several ports, all direct connection. All USB 3 - some from the motherboard (asus maximus hero viii) and some via a USB 3.0 pcie card. Same results.

I feel like it’s a USB throughput issue, so I’m going to play around with drivers tonight, but if anyone has another idea, I’d love to hear from you.