Limesdr mini Chinese forum | limesdr mini中文论坛

Hello LimeSDR Team :
Thanks for your excellent work, that you bring LimeSDR series product to us. And we love it!
There’s a gift for you guys - A Chinese forum of limesdr-mini:
We hope to get your permission and support to build this website and promote the limesdr series product in China.
I’m Jin, a fan of limesdr mini. I’m the man who bulid this forum。
Limesdr mini is very laconic and easy to use. At the same time performance and cost performance is very good。I use mini in my project, and I get infos from myriad。An idea got in my head, I wanna share this product to my friends, workmates and more hackers, the most important point : to students. I made a learing kit about basic communication example (Modulation, coding, FM system, etc. ). I want to promote limessdr-mini to schools. So students can learn the knowledge form the book, then practice on limesdr mini, see the real wireless signal. It’s very cool.

Looking forward to your reply
Sincerely yours,

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Hello Jin,

Could you please share how to get started with the Lime SDR mini in English here. Because we all will be benefitted.
E.g. How to initialize LimeSDR mini, How to TX a data and receive, How to calculate the different variables in LimeSuite GUI etc.