Limesdr mini board damaged by aluminum case?

Can someone confirm me if it is normal that the aluminum case screw partially etched the surface of the LimeSDR Mini board?

Here are some pics?

In any case, the LED never lights up, ever, no matter what I try (see my long winded rant in another thread).

interesting … do you have a higher resolution camera to use … like on a Galaxy S7 or something like that?

This is an S8, but you want a higher res picture? To what end?

Get a pic as close as you can and use the auto focus (tap on screen on the spot you wanted to focus on)

I want to see better detail … you cant even see the feed through nor the trace to the Led ( Light Emitting Diode )

And Crop the Picture to the area of concern before posting

OH !!! Don’t bother with the Magnifier lens …

I’ll try that on tuesday. From what I see it isn’t even clear if it went through to the second layer. My feeling is no, as this screw is right aroudn the edge of the device. And, based on other people having similar issues (read/write errors) I would be surprised it to be related to this screw. I’ll follow up later, thanks.

Yea … i dont think it is either …

I can tell that it is a Dual LED … and i can see one of the traces to it … just cant tell if the screw only hit / etched the Ground Plane … if so then it was designed to do that … aluminum case grounded … though i always thought the less ground points on a Rf shield the better … keep to a minimum – but good connection (also depends on what your trying to shield from … Blah Blah… no one wants to hear a lecture)

Yeah the entire PCB top surface appears to be a ground plane, and the mini SMA connectors is of course grounded, which by definition touches the case, etc. so in theory no big deal and prob not my issue…