LimeSDR-mini bellow 30MHz


SDR# communicate with WSJT with two different mechanism: via Virtual audio cable sends audio and with Cat plug-in answers to frequency request.


I using SDR#, it is my preferred sdr receiver, but I have not plugin for LimeSDR-Mini. Plugin on not working. Is possible to get your plugin for SDR#?


SDR# frontend controller for LimeSDR-USB and LimeSDR-Mini is uploaded to Github:

It is VS 2017 community project. Copy:
to SDR# home folder and add the following line in the frontendPlugins sections of FrontEnds.xml file:

I have notice, some times, strange behaviour of SDR# during startup which is cured with several change LPBW in frontend control window. Both devices covers 0.1 - 3.8GHz but input matching network is different on antenna inputs resulting in different received levels.
This is MW tonight on 1548KHz Russian station With LimeSDR-Mini:

FT8 on 40m with piece of wire:


I tried your LimeSDR controller, but it does not seem to work for me. It can’t find my LimeSDR-Mini device. There is no error message just this empty window, and no signal.

Which LimeSuite.dll version are you using? I copied the one from PothosSDR, since I could not find any other. This might be a 64bit version and SDR# needs 32bit as I understand.


You need 32bit Limesuite 18.03 or 18.06. You can download 18-06 from:


I’m totally desperate. I am convinced that my LimeSDR-mini is faulty because sdr# is already working but not below 30MHz. Above 30MHz it works well, but below 30MHz the program stops working. If I set frequency bellow 30Mhz, receiving the signal stopped. Then I will set a higher frequency, the receiver no longer receives a signal. SDR# not crashed, but not communicate with LimeSDR.
Goran, can you send me screenshot from LimeSuiteGUI,how do I set up parameters for NCO?



Below 30MHz algorithm for lowest frequency is: 30MHz-(16*sample rate). For 1.536MS sample rate lowest frequency you can receive is 5.454MHz. For entire HF band 2.304MS is enough. Do not forget to set LPBW to 40MHz for the entire HF (as you decrease frequency, starting from 30MHz, increase LPBW) . If your settings are wrong receive stream will stop (Stop, change settings, Start to resume reception).


Have you tried contacting the application developers? Sounds like it’s not engaging the NCO properly.


Answer from Crowd Supply:

LimeSDR support is provided via the forums (link below) and the good thing about posting
there is that others may have encountered similar issues and be able to
offer suggestions also.

Hannah Prince
Warehouse Manager
Crowd Supply



hould the Upload NCO be greyed out, or does it show the fault?


Your board temperature is 52C (upper right corner)? At that temperature NCO maybe won’t work which is necessary for HF below 30MHz. Try to cool down your board.
Sorry I did not see this before because I write several times about board overheating and strange consequences.


I have been told that Suite up right temp. readout is not reliable…


Temperature 44C - not working


I’ve already tried everything I’ve done in forums, but nothing helped. 100% that my receiver is faulty.


Last few days I’ve played with Limesuite-Gui and figured out how to manually set TX while solving unwanted carrier issue. After you close SDR application open Gui and go to RXTSP page where you can see all NCO data set previously. If NCO settings are blank something is wrong with software. You can try manually to change NCO settings and if you have HF receiver to find local oscillator carrier (spectrum analyser is even better) .


If I go to the GUI after I trying set frequency in SDRConsole, then I see in FCW table:
tuned frequency FCW RefClk
14.000 15.222600 40.000
34.000 5.818800 20.000
54.000 0.000000 40.000
Any HAM stations on 14 MHz (nothing around 14 MHz and nothing bellow 30 MHz).


In the USA, 20 meters is in the 14 Mhz range.



Can you post screen image?



@om3bc - Joe,

Please be aware that if you don’t have a Low Pass Filter applied to the receive input, there’s a good chance that there will be no HF activity because strong nearby FM broadcast stations in the 88 - 108 MHz region are killing your receive sensitivity in HF. When you install a Low Pass FIlter in the path of your antenna input on the 'Mini, you’re giving it a fighting chance to see the HF signals. If you have no LPF installed, the FM broadcast band images will fall somewhere in the 15 to 18 MHz range and will just make listening to 14 MHz fruitless. So please use a LPF and try it again. If you have a signal generator, install it to the front end of your 'Mini and dial it down to -40dBm and at an HF frequency you’re tuned to (like 14.1 MHz). If you see the signal from the signal generator in your spectra, then there’s nothing wrong with your Mini - it has everything to do with the front end getting overloaded because of strong nearby stations saturating the front end of the '<Mini…

Hope this helps - 73 de Marty, KN0CK