LimeSDR Mini aluminium case


I was wondering to buy aluminium case for limesdr-mini. Will aluminum cases be sold? Where else can I buy them?


@g0dfuzz3r ,

Doing a search on EBay, there are a number of cases for the LimeSDR and Lime Mini:

Use that link to find the case you need and you’ll be set.

73 de Marty, KN0CK


I already searched on ebay and aliexpress, but there are no aluminum cases for limesdr mini


The aluminium case as seen on Crowd Supply is not sold separately.


There are general-purpose aluminum enclosures available in many shops. Just chose the one where LimeSDR Mini will fit and drill a few holes. As a workaround you can also use a plastic or 3D-printed case and shield it from inside using either aluminum adhesive tape or conductive varnish, e.g. containing copper. However if your SDR heats a lot this can be a problem. Finally, you can solder a case using regular FR4 boards or make an enclosure using aluminum sheets.


I just pre-launched an alternative Aluminum Case for the LimeSDR-Mini(LimeSDR-USB coming soon).
Maybe you should have a look.Link on this forum,The pre-launch page.

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