LimeSDR-mini 802-15-4 CSMA-CA

I’m trying to implement 802.15-4 CSMA-CA on a LimeSDR-mini.

I’ve tried to measure the round trip delay through the C-binding and come up with a median delay of about 80ms. So I have several questions:

  • Are there any api functions I haven’t found for speeding up “clear channel assessment” -> “send”?
  • Is my measurement consistent with what you would expect? Or is my setup somehow flawed?
  • There is at least the gr-ieee-802.15-4 implementation which seems to work fine with just about any gnuradio sdr source/sink but as far as I understand the latency specified in the 802.15-4 spec is in the magnitude of a couple of µs, am I missing something here?

Thank you for your help