LimeSDR mini 2.0 and LimeSDR Tx Power difference


So, I have a project which transmits multicarrier WBFM signals using gnuradio and LimeSDR on a M2 OSX Mac. The LimeSDR feeds into an amplifier, and the outcome is a signal which meets power needs I have from the setup.

I recently bought a LimeSDR Mini 2, and swapping it in place of the LimeSDR, the power level I see (for the same ‘gain’ setting) is much lower.

I hadn’t updated my gnuradio setup, and it recognized the LimeSDR Mini 2 without any changes, so I assumed I will get similar performance. What am I missing?

  1. Do I need to update the software on the Mac?
  2. Do I need to perform some sort of calibration? I assume the LimeSDR (& Mini) both do some kind of calibration everytime I launch the gnuradio program.
  3. Anything else I may be missing?

Thank you.

For what’s it worth, it looks like using updated version of Limesuite, and using gr-limesdr with gnuradio on LimeSDR Mini 2 produces similar power levels compared to using soapyLMS and soapyLimeSDR sink with the LimeSDR board.

I haven’t tested the updated soapyLimeSDR sink yet. Will share updates once I have them.